Monday, December 28, 2009

My Little Helpers

After we got like 1 foot of snow I tried to take on the daunting task of shoveling my drive way. I just took it one square at a time. But about half way I was spent. That is a activity, if I was far enough along, that will put you into labor quick. But just as I was giving up on the job. My cute boys dressed up in coats and came to my resuce with their little red shovels. They didn't understand that they were suppose to shovel the snow off the drive instead of put it on the cleaned off areas. Also I think that their plan B was to just eat the snow all gone. Funny boys. I still gave up and just took pictures of the boys and finished the project over the next couple days.


I think he is Happy!

We had a wonderful Christmas with a TON of parties with friends and family. It was nice to be home with the family. I love them so much. The kids were so fun and exciting this year. Such treasured memories. A kept opening gifts whether they were his or not. He would open them so fast I had to call a couple time outs so that we could collect ourselves and actually see what was given. On Christmas Morning we were all gathered around the kitchen table at my mom's house eating our traditional crape breakfast. A decided he was done so I let him down out of his chair and as the rest of the family was still sitting around talking in the back of my mind I keep hearing this ripping sound. He was under my mom's tree opening gifts. All by Himself! It was pretty funny because he was so happy for ALL the presents. He is such a helper!?! I opened a gift and it was clothing in a white box and before I even opened the box to see what was inside. He said,"Look Mom! That is SO AWESOME! You got a white box!"
T had some good quality time with Sean on Christmas. We got him a .22 for Christmas with a little scope on it and my dad, Sean and T all went out shooting. After they sighted the gun in he didn't miss a thing. He had so much fun, it was pretty dang cute.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Great White Hunter

Well I post a TON about my two little boys but not about my big boy. I wanted to dedicate this post to my amazing Hubby. Here are two pictures of his most recent harvests. Which I do have to say I had a moment of weakness and I now have a GIANT Elk with a pedestal mount in my living room. WELCOME TO CABELA'S. Can we say HUGE. But anywho.
I have SO many blessings in my life and I count Sean as one of them. I love him more now than ever. It has been a great 9 years and I can't wait for the adventures that we will continue to have together. He is my best friend and the love of my life. A few things I love about Sean: He is handsome, my laundry folder, Chief, Protector, Provider, Happy, Respectful, Someone to Confide in, a Great listener, someone that I can throw a hundred questions at all at once and he still loves me and just smiles, he teaches me to be loving and compassionate to others, a great example, a father who would do anything for his boys and someone I can always count on. He will NEVER let me down. I love that he loves the small and simple things about life. That his scantuary is still the wide open spaces of the wilderness. I love the way he loves me. I'm SO happy that your mine ALL mine! Thank you for everything Sean your my favorite!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009


At our Ward Christmas Party my boys had a chance to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what they wanted. It was cute. I love my Ward. As you can see T liked it and was happy. But A just wanted to have an angry face. But then he was happy for the Candy Cane and Orange he got afterwards. Thank you guys for a great time. Did I tell you how much I loved my ward!?! Well I do.

A Lil' Vegas and Alota Garth

Us and Garth
Garth on Stage. We got in trouble for this picture. Hee He

Sean and I at Lunch. My man for 9 amazing years!

Group Photo without Sean.

Sean and I headed down to Vegas Friday night. It was a nice little get away to celebrate our Anniversary that was last month. We stopped and slept over at the condo in St. George and saw our good friends the Droubay's. We need to get together with them more, we really miss seeing them. We woke up Saturday and drove to Vegas. It was snowing all through that canyon and we had rain the whole rest of the day. As you can see from the pictures that we are just a little damp. We meet up with the Sam's who are friends from Indiana. They were there with a group of buddies for the Cowboy Expo. I have NEVER seen so many Cow Folk in my entire life. It was crazy.
As Sean and I are driving to Vegas we are listening to my Ipod and we hear a song by Garth Brooks. We both are saying how we would love to go to his concert sometime. As we get into Vegas and pull onto the Strip there on a HUGE sign GARTH BROOKS IN CONCERT TONIGHT!!! Oh we are so there. So we hurried and bought tickets. The first show was sold out so we got to go to the 10:30 show. It was an AMAZING concert. Very intimate setting and he was taking requests from the audience. He gave away a guitar to one of the fans. It was really neat. Sean and I decided that it was our 2nd most favorite concert that we have every been to. It was a fast trip because we got out of the concert around 1 o'clock went to bed. Woke and left to go home. It was so fun. Thank you Sean for the fun anniversary trip. I love you and you are the BEST.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Houses

So these are pictures of the final product of my creative boys and their houses. The first one is Sean's then A's then T's. Sean made a Santa out of a cinnamon bear with the frosting as his bread and hat. Then he used a razor blade to cut the face off a cinnamon bear and pasted it to the window so it made it seem like the bear was looking out the window. One of the Buck boys walked up to Sean and said, "How did you get that bear inside the house." Then he has an Elf stuck in the chimney, his feet are sticking out of it.

A wanted me to help make a volcano(almalcano). He struggles saying that word among others. So I used 3 candy canes and a whopper. Who knows. I am definitely not the creative one in the family. He kept stepping back and looking at his house and saying,"My house is so beautiful!" or "My house is Awesome!" He was SO proud of himself.

T decorated the top and one side and was done. Then he just wanted to play. But he still had fun. My boys ate more candy than they put on their houses. They were so hyped up when we got home it was CRAZY TIME!! They both think it is Christmas everytime we do a Christmas activity. They are like,"NOW can we open our presents?" It is pretty funny. T thinks that if he puts more numbers on our Christmas Calendar then time will speed up and Santa will come earlier. It is crazy how time goes by so SLOW for them and I never feel like I have enough of it to accomplish everything I have to do. It is great to be a kid!

Gingerbread FHE

The Buck's invited us over for our annual Gingerbread house creating night. Sean looks forward to this night all year long!?! LOL

I usually help the boys do their houses and Sean works on his very OWN house. He makes blue prints and all. j/k Well not exactly but he does put some time and effort forth. It is pretty funny. T worked on his house for like 11 minutes and A worked on his for hours. He had some much fun. He is such a mini Sean. I love it. The boys had a blast playing together. Thank you Buck's for a great night. They even made us dinner....yummy potato soup and homemade rolls. It was delicious!! Perfect dinner for the SUPER Snowy day that we had. I think that we got over a foot of snow that day and another 6 inches that night. We had a wonderful night. Can't wait until next year.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Time

So now that we have our tree we(I) needed to get ready for Christmas. So Saturday I had a large honey do list!?! I woke up early and got on it(or got Sean on it). He was so good and got everything done and more! Isn't he awesome? I think so. I put the star and the lights on the tree and the kids did the rest. They loved it and they really enjoyed getting up on the high ladder. I think that they did a pretty darn good job! Such cute boys. Now I have all my shopping done and they have been so tempted to open all the gifts.
Today it snowed and snowed and snowed all of 16 inches. What a great day. I LOVED IT!! They boys were so excited. Well Sean wasn't. He had to drive up to work in the storm. But being safe in my house was Perfect. The boys wanted to play in it and they had so much fun. They are holding hands in that picture. T is such a good big brother. Helping A get through the snow. There was so much snow.
Now if feels like Christmas!!

Cutting a Christmas Tree

We decided to go and cut down a Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving. This year we invited my parents. We thought they needed a little fresh air since they have been inside constantly taking care of Jess from his accident. So we had our annual Ebleskiver feast. Which was super tasty, I might add. Then we packed a lunch and headed up to the mountains. We got a late start, as we were headed up the canyon we passed like 25 trucks full of beautiful Christmas trees. We were worried it was going to be too crowded up there and all the good trees were going to be gone. Oh No, when we pulled up to the usually spot nobody was in sight and there were millions of trees to choose from.
We had a blast. We hiked up the mountain, which was a little difficult with my big belly and trying to carry A on my back. But we made it to a level spot and decided to cross hill from there on out. Sean went on an eternal quest for our tree. And boy did he find a gem. It is amazing. Good job honey. You're the GREATEST!! My dad found a tree for my Grandma first so he cut that one down, then we saw a honey hole of trees for them to choose from back down the mountain.So we decided to slide down to get them. My dad ever so gently slide my grandma's tree down first and then I followed. He wanted to take real good care of the tree as too not break any of the branches. T went first and I followed and I thought I was under control with A on my lap. Trying to use my feet as a brake. But Oh No!!! I slide completely out of control like 35 feet down the hill and luckily we ran into something and we were stopped. Oh but wait the something I ran into was T and into was my Grandma's Christmas Tree. We took his feet right out from under him. Oopps!?! Sorry dad. It was pretty funny. It was some good times. I can't wait to go next year.

Fresh Air and Rest

There hasn't been much to do around outside because it has been SO COLD!!! But the boys and I needed fresh air so we bundled up and went out and had a treat. It was nice.
Then the next pictures of the boys watching their Christmas movies. They were both asleep when I went to take the pictures but didn't stay that way. A was sleeping with his head hanging off the couch. Crazy how little kids can sleep so sound and in odd positions. A sits so cute on the arm rest of the couch. With his legs cross. He just looks so Big! They grow up too fast.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Final Hike Pic

We were hiking through the mud and it was so slippery that I was afraid that A was going to fall. So I held on to the back of his little hoddie. He was obviously preoccupied with eating the snow to notice anything. I didn't plan very well for their shoes. There feet were black and wet when we finished. We had a strip down for the boys back at the truck to get their muddy and wet clothes off them. They still had a ton of fun. We got home and I was doing some laundry and I threw the freshly dried clothes on the couch so I could fold them and when I walked back to the couch that is what I found. A was fast asleep on the warm, clean clothes. Silly boy.

More Saturday Hike

So we threw rocks at trees which I don't think I could of hit that tree if my life depended on it. I will blame it on the pregnancy. Who would of thought I played over 100 softball games this spring and summer!?! We got some really cute pictures and video of the boys. The video is really funny but my Internet is too slow down here to download it.
They were having snow fights. There is one of A throwing it at T and Sean got the picture right at release. Perfect!! I think every picture we have of A he is eating the snow. Amazing he isn't sick. We all had a Blast.