Friday, January 21, 2011

Dino Dig

Grandpa John did Good with the MEGA Science Kit. Here the Boys are doing the Dino Dig.

A struggled a little with wearing the safety goggles. He wore them over his ears that were curled.

The Boys with their Fossils that they found. What GOONS!

Last but not least A playing the DS with his lovely moon boots on. LOL


Two cute boys making the Volcano. Such a good daddy helping.
They made it then T painted it after he got home from school.
Then we learned about the creation for Family Home Evening and then had it erupt. Good Times. Very Stinky house from all the Vinegar.

Playing with Christmas Toys

Little man loves his new toy ball. Isn't he SO Cute!?!
Playing with Lego's in his new P.J.'s from Grandma Mary Kay and Grandpa Cory.
Playing his new DS Games

Christmas at Our House

Our Boys are so funny. They never wake up early for Christmas. It is like they forget that it is Christmas and just think that it is another morning. So then we have to ask them questions like, "Who came last night." & "Have you guys checked what's in the Living Room?" Then they will go look and get SUPER excited. It doesn't make much sense to Sean and I. We both were early risers Christmas Morning and we knew exactly what was up. Silly Boys.

John's for Christmas EVE PaRtY!!

Little A spraying his Aunt Tara with Silly string. Look at that concentration. She started it!?!
Such Cute Boys...Oh, how I love them!!
We go to John's House every Christmas Eve for his Christmas Party. Good Times are had down there and Good The boys love playing with their cousins. John always gets the boys a little Nerf type gun to play with and of course silly string (which just the thought of that stuff gives me anxiety). He let's them all play with it in his house. Oh I have to stop talking about it I'm going to stress myself out(I know I am a freak). The boys loved their gifts - Ironman mask, Safari Dress up Kit, Mega Science Kit, books and a bunch of other stuff. Thank you John for spoiling us. Also Kathy made Sean a Birthday cake which had to stay frozen so he used those amazing redneck skills and made sure the cake stayed frozen. By smashing the cake in between the luggage racks. He didn't even need Duck Tape.