Monday, October 17, 2011

Nebo Loop

Love my Boys!!!!

I live in such a Beautiful Place. We went for a drive yesterday and saw Mother Nature at her finest!!

Payson Lakes. Boys can never get enough of throwing rocks into the water. Love it.

Army Man. With his stick for a gun. He has such a great imagination.


The morning of the race.

My cute boys that made shirts to cheer me on. They were so cute.

Still running...running...running. 1 more mile to go.

The nice showers after the race and me receiving my finisher medal.

My wonderful family. My dad kicked some major butt at this race.

Capt. America

My Brother Jess was a volunteer at a 100 mile Bike Race and their Aid Station was themed Super Hero's. We stopped by and got a fun picture with him.

Random Pictures of "T"

This is my poor little "T" on the bike to school day. So sad.

Aren't those boys so cute. Swinging in the backyard.

He loves swinging.

Random Pictures of "A"

This Little Man crashes hard...this is him after Corn Belly's with his Awesome Black Widow Face Paint.

Another picture from another day. He is too cute and SO sweet when he sleeps.

His 1st day of Preschool. He now goes to school 4 days a week. AND he LOVES it. He is such a smart boy.

This is him swimming at St. George after my Marathon. He loved the snorkeling gear.