Friday, July 31, 2009


Last night we drove up to Midway for my cousin Megan's reception. I love Provo Canyon it is so Beautiful. I have had some awesome memories in that Canyon. The kids loved driving up the Canyon and looking at the waterfalls and Deer Creek. When we got to Johnson's Mill we parked and there was a fun play area. Us Brereton's and our games got a little caught up in the play ground and silly competition. It was a really neat play ground. All the adults doing the monkey bars and twisting around. Unfortunately we didn't get pictures. We went into the Reception and it was so wonderful. We only could stay for an hour because I had a softball game in Spanish Fork. I wish we could of stayed longer it was a nice party. Megan picked really neat Summer colors . . Green and yellow. There was a live band, good food and A and I were dancing like mad. But time was up . . so. . We hurried down the canyon and I changed in the car and I was a little late to my softball game. But it was okay we still won . . just barely ;0) Life is so Good!!

Handsome Devil

Doesn't he look so old. Look out GQ here we come!!! This is what he looked like for Mona Days and driving down that Parade. I just didn't take very good pictures. Sometimes it is just nice to watch the moment. I can't figure out how to make the picture work.

Mona Days

Oh Good Ol' Mona Days!! T was in the royalty for Mona Days. He got to ride down the route and throw candy. He had a lot of fun. Plus he got his picture taken and was in the newspaper on the front page. Then After the Parade they had jumping toys, stock show, food, talent show, foot races and much much more. Towards the end of the day the firemen came and pulled all their gear out and drenched all the kids in the park. They loved it. It felt nice to be cooled off. We had a BBQ with the Whickers and Argyle's that night. Good Friends and Good Food. I love the summer. . . . . Then we went back over to the park for some Country Dancing and EXTREME FIREWORKS!! Mona City has the best Fireworks. They were awesome. I invite one and all to join us next year for Mona Days.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hiking with the Family

We hiked up to a waterfall in Payson Canyon. It was a lot of fun. I think that A picked up every rock on the trail and threw them in the river. They got so muddy and wet they had to ride home in their skivvies . What silly boys!

Love my new backyard

I love summer. . . and my new backyard! I just want to spend all my evenings there. It is funny how long two boys can keep themselves occupied in a little plastic swimming pool. They never want to get out. They are so cute!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Spanish Fork Rodeo

We went to the Spanish Fork Rodeo last night. We usually go on the 24th for the fireworks and finals but my dad is going to compete in the Spudman so plans changed. The kids are getting to the ages that they love all the action. The clown was so funny this year. He had a silly little car that the boys loved. There is a picture of A which is so sweet with his hand over his heart as the flags were going by. He does have a few sweet moments in all his CRAZINESS!! To sum it up - Perfect weather, Family, Cowboy attire = Good Times!!