Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Pictures

Here are some Random Pictures of my boys. T with Crazy Hair for Red Ribbon Week -Crazy hair day. Then A so tired eating at that table that he couldn't keep his eyes open. We have some great video of him. We were laughing so hard. Then A as a handsome little man ready for church. What CUTE boys I have!


We did the Corn maze at the end of the Cornbelly experience. This is the 1st year that we did the maze and didn't cheat or cut through. It is because I was the LEADER!! LOL The boys had fun throwing the corn like BOMBS. Then as we were walking out A into the Princess Section. We had to take a picture with A by one of the freaky burlap sacked headed princess'. It was a really fun time with the Bolen's and my boys.

More Cornbelly's

The boys had fun playing on the tractor rides. Sean was Mr. Speedracer!!! I got some pretty funny video with him and A racing around the course. So entertaining!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


On Saturday we went to Thanksgiving Point and did the Halloween Events. It was a lot of fun. The kids(including Sean) had a blast! They played on the slides forever, then we went to the jumping bubbles. While we were in line took some pictures of the 4 little boys. T was so funny. He just stood at the wood cut out in a daze for awhile. I had to snap a picture because he looked so peaceful. Sean was so cute jumping with the boys. The boys both got some major air a couple of times. Then A was running over the top towards me, because I was on the other side, and bounced, tripped and went rolling so fast off the bubble into the sand. It was pretty funny. It took him a bit to realize that it was funny but then he decided to do it again and again. There was a little cow train ride that the boys had to do even Dave couldn't resist. Do boys ever grow up?

Last but not least

Here are the rest of the train pictures and some pretty scenic areas we were at. Then a picture of Jenn and I up and ready for the day at 4 o'clock for our flight home. Aren't we so PRETTY!?! What a great trip! Hope to do another soon.

Hobo Rail Road

So I went on my first Train Ride. It was fun. It didn't move very fast and it was really old. But it was perfect. My kids would of loved it. Fun fall foliage all the way. The man that came around to punch your traveling pass looked like Gordon B. Hinckley. That was sort of funny. The Crew said the train ride was a 22 mile loop. But as we got to mile 11 the train stopped and they pushed the train back up the same track we were just on, back to the station. That is a funny loop!?! But I guess it did equal 22 miles. So they were sorta of track.

More Trip Pictures

We were able to see some amazing sunsets while we were out. The sun set at like 6pm it was crazy. We were driving down a country road and I saw the Got Wood? sign and next to it Massage Therapy sign. Oh I thought that was so funny. So I had to take a picture. How comforting are those two signs together!?!? We made it to a small town named Woodstock which was really cute. There were neat covered bridges here and there throughout our travels. Good Times!

Surprise Trip to New England

Sean called me up while he was hunting in Montana last Friday and told me he planned a trip for me to go see the Fall Foliage at the East Coast. And that I would be leaving Monday with Jenn. It was so quick and I was a little nervous leaving. But Sean and my family did an awesome job taking care of the boys. It was really cute how much the boys missed me. I love being loved!

We left Monday morning and flew into Boston. We didn't have an exact map or schedule of where we were going. . . We just went were the wind blew us. Speaking of Wind . . Oh boy was the wind COLD! It was like in the 30's and overcast the whole time we were there with a little rain and snow. Which I thought made everything better. The rain would brighten the colors and then when the sun would peak out from behind the clouds it was just heavenly beauty. I loved it. This trip took my breath away more than once. It was a lot of fun. We stayed at some cute places and ate and Ate and ATE. We were just two chubby pregnant girls always thinking about food and where the next bathroom stop was!?! We had a lot of fun. I was so glad we had Posh(GPS) to guide us along our way. We would of been SO lost. We were able to be pampered on Wednesday at the Spa. It was a nice little Spa at the Common man Inn. We were able to make it to the Boston Temple on Thursday night which was a great experience. It was really nice to get to know Jenn better and spend time in such a awesome place. I had so much fun! Thank you Sean and Jeff for making the trip happen!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Races and more Pumplins

The kids were all out racing and hanging out and it was perfect weather. They were all having so much fun. Then we all went back to the back yard for some pictures with the pumpkins. It was a struggle to get a good one. A just wanted to ride the dog. I can't remember why T and Grandpa are laughing so hard but it is pretty dang cute. I love my family. We have such a good time together.


We went over to Grandma & Grandpa's house yesterday to pick out our pumpkins. The boys had a Blast. T just kept picking pumpkins for us and everyone else. Then A wouldn't get out of the tomato patch. So maybe that is why T was picking with such haste. A was picking those tomato's as fast as T was picking pumpkins. I can't blame him. Those Cherry tomato's tasted SO GOOD! A found this min pumpkin that fit perfectly in his hand and he wouldn't let go of it. Instead of craving it we will have to widell it.
So the whole pumpkin picking experience A had a cherry tomato in the mouth, a min. pumpkin in one of his hands and a reserve cherry tomato in the other hand. What a goofy kid. There is a picture that I tried to take of A eating his tomato and it dripping down his arm and face but it didn't work. The cute thing about that picture was the blurry background of T being so cute with his little cousin. He is so good with them. Loves to make them smile and laugh. He will be a great big brother again.
After Pumpkin Picking the kids went out to race around my parents round about. It was pretty funny. And like always the parents had to get involved. In one race I tried to grab Jess to pull him back and almost did a face plant. I didn't think plan through very well; did I?