Wednesday, February 9, 2011


A came into my room last night with a yellow beach towel and said,"Mom, will you tie this cape around me." So I was obedient and tied it around him. Then he said,"Mom, I need a hat." So I handed him my hat that was conveniently hanging on the bedpost and he put it on and ran away. So I got back to work for a couple minutes. Then he ran into the room again with this.....

and said,"And this will be my Magic Wand." Look Mom, I AM A MADITION!!!

He is casting a spell on me and as you can tell I switched out his wand. He is already dangerous enough we don't need to give him tools to create mayhem as well. He is such a funny little boy.

Great Idea!!

"Mom, Mom come here I have a Great Idea!" said my creative little 4 year old. This is what A spends most his day doing...Tormenting his little brother. He can't get enough of this little guy and will not leave him alone. Good thing the baby is such a good sport through it all. At least he will grow up TUFF!

Grandpa's NEW Tractor

Grandpa taking all the Grandkids on a ride on the new tractor. They loved it!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Friends Birthday Party

Here is some pictures of A's Friends Birthday Party. It was a lot of fun having all those boys over playing. I think that they all had a good time. It seems like whenever anyone in my family has a Birthday. We celebrate it for a week. I am glad the Party week is over...I need a nap. lol

1st Lost Tooth

On January 24, 2011 Big T lost his 1st tooth. Such an exciting time. It is funny to talk to him with his missing tooth. I can't believe how big he is getting. Love these fun milestones.

Big A is 4!!

He was pretty excited for his gifts. Such a cute boy. Can't believe he is already 4. Time flies.

Good Old Uncle Jess. He beat us all in bowling. Thanks for coming.
A wanted to go bowling again for his Birthday. We invited the family and had a good time. He got some cool gifts for his birthday. Thanks for coming guys.

Always under the Bed

The little man is Always under my bed playing. Since the only thing he knows how to do is ROLL he gets stuck from time to time and I have to crawl under and get him. Silly boy. The two olders
decided to join him to find out what was so interesting. I love my boys!!