Monday, April 25, 2011

Picking me Flowers

He said,"Mom I want to pick you a bouquet of flowers so you can get married to dad." What a cutie.

Big Family Easter Egg Hunt

On the Hunt. Jumping the Rock wall. He means business.

He was wearing his snow boots. What a silly boy.

All the kids going through their eggs. We had so much candy and eggs. Each kid had overflowing baskets. They had a ton of fun.

Scavenger Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter bunny took our boys on a Scavenger Hunt this year. It was quick and easy. They loved it. They got Sandbox toys because we are about finished with out sandbox. They will have so much fun with it this Summer.

Spring Break & Easter

We went out to lunch with dad at Chili's(the boys fav.) and swimming at the Legacy Center for Spring Break. The boys had fun. T wouldn't hold still long enough for a picture...he is such a little fish. Then we had Easter at Mona Park. It was sort of a joke this year. WAY TOO many people. My kids got like 3 candies and NO eggs. But we made up for it with our little family Easter and our big family Easter party.

Walkie Talkie Boys

Don't they look so cool with their Walkie Talkies. Camo no less...

Lots of KIDS

All the kids on the slide. They were getting squished!?!

Two weeks ago I had Ian's 4 kids over for a week during their Spring Break. Sort of a bummer it wasn't ours as well. I think the kids had fun though. We had a Pizza/Movie Party one night, had a campfire and cooked Smores, they went and toured a farm nearby another day and collected eggs and milked cows(in which we had breakfast that night and had pancake, eggs and bacon; which pretty much all came from the farm) and then everyday we had all the neighbor boys over to play. They all played hard it was cute.

Saturday Drive

We went for a Saturday Drive on the back roads through Goshen Canyon. We decided that we need to move there. Isn't Nature Beautiful?

Picnic in a Tent

I set up a tent in our back yard and the boys ate lunch in it. They thought it was pretty fun. I can't seem to get a normal picture of my boys EVER. Well maybe crazy is NoRmAl!!

1st Birthday

First thing he did after he took a bite was throw it on the floor.

So happy with his special cake Aunt Tara made him. Soy Butter & Almond Milk.

All clean and ready for gifts. He loved his new books and toys. He will crawl around the house for hours hitting a toy. So we got him a ball and it makes him so HAPPY!!

Our Baby is 1

Such a goofy smile. We love him So much.

He loves my bathroom. He pulls out all the magazines and loves to put toys in the toilet. I guess that is a good way to keep his toys clean because I have to constantly sanitized them.

Another one of his favorite games. Unroll the paper towel and toilet paper rolls. Silly Boy!

I can't believe how time flies. The little man LOVES his brothers. He can't get enough of them. At 1 he has 6 teeth, crawls and says a few words. Dada and Ball. He is a bit lazy. He won't stand or hold his own bottle. I guess he is a true baby of the family.