Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Return to The Bean

The kids were so cute in sharing their comments during the reptile show. They were pretty funny and so SMART!!

The boys holding a sheet of Alligator Skin which is so thick and tough.Just hanging out with my little man(who is such a mommy's boy) ;o)
We made another trip to the Bean Museum. It is our new favorite and we will try to go once a month. Cheap Entertainment. We went with Ian and his kids. For one thing I love getting together with them because our kids play so well together and another reason is that they are so cute. They love their cousins. We all had a lot of fun and saw the new Bee Exhibit that was on show. We did the Bean Scavenger Hunt. Which was a great way to help the kids pay attention and read about the animals. I know I sure learned a lot. Then we went to lunch and planned to do a outside movie at Ian's house with the rest of the family. So we all got together with good food, lots of blankets and enjoyed ourselves a little Toy Story 3. That is a cute movie. We all had a fantastic evening. What a great fun filled day. We will have to do it again real SOON.

The Button

Have you ever walked into the T.V. room and notice a man who fell asleep while watching a football game? They always seem to have their one hand down their pants pushing the SLEEP BUTTON. Which I guess is located just below the belt line. I walked into the T.V. room the other night and found my little A like this. I guess he has a head start for when he gets older. No worries he will make a great husband!!


I was a slacker this year and was really slow to carve pumpkins. We finally got together and did it. The boys loved it. Nat and Kelly were there. Fun tid-bit of information is that Nat went into Labor that night. She had her little girl within an hour from the first CAR. Baby and mom are doing great.