Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 months

Little man is 2 months old. I had to add this picture because I think that the hat is pretty dang funny. Here are his stats from his appointment:
Weight: 9lbs 14oz (14%)
Height: 22.5 (35%)
Head Circ.: 15in. (13%)
The Doctor gave us a checklist of things he should be doing as his age. He can do everything and more. He is a strong baby just a little one. He has been sleeping 8 hours a night since like 2 weeks old. It is pure Heaven! He is such a good baby and hardly ever cries. When he got his shots he cried for a couple seconds on each shot. He is a tough little guy. He has started smiling and laughing. It is so cute. Such a happy baby. Man we all love him so much. He is our little stud.

Kindergarten Grad.

T with his teacher - Mrs. Larsen.

Big 6 year old

I had the boys at the Party decorate their own cupcakes.....a whole lotta SUGAR!!
This one is A, I'm impressed!

Since we were having a TON of Weather still and T wanted a swimming party I had to think of an alternate party option. So I decided to fly kites. Holy smokes....8 kites, 8 boys and a whole lotta wind and StRiNg= a disaster. But the boys had fun and were able to get their kites pretty high in the sky before they became all tangled.

We lost A a for minute after the family party and this is where I found him. Fast asleep on my end table. What a goofy kid. We love you crazy little guy....especially when your sleeping!?!?! LOL

We had a family Birthday Party on Thursday and a Friends Party on Friday. They both were a lot of fun. I can't believe that I have a 6 year old. It is awesome. He is such a good boy.
He loves to laugh and boy do his years sparkle when he smiles. He loves to take care and help with the baby. He loves to talk and he tells some pretty animated stories with big round and excited eyes. He likes to play with his buddies, use his imagination, read, learn and go fishing and hunting with dad. Oh and I can't forget, he loves the DS/Wii. His dad and I are so proud of him and think that he is AWESOME!! You make us happy buddy.