Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RRR - 2011

I am at the starting line ready to begin.
Our team at the beginning of the race. It was fun to be able to run with my brother and dad. This was the first relay race that I have ever done. It was an amazing experience and I will do a lot more. Especially this race.

I ran the first leg which was 5.5 miles that ran out of town and up the canyon. It was a beautiful run up the canyon with those red cliffs. The weather was perfect most the day. It got a bit hot towards the last couple legs.

Jess in the King John Potty before his run, he was being safe and wearing his protective gear to not get hit by any cars. Safety Boy!!

Jess running - Doesn't his stride make running look so easy?

Us kicking it ready to give AID to our team. In our Red Neck 4-wheel drive truck with our Red Neck team name -"I AM ARCHERY".

My dad is ready to get his leg started. Yehaa!!!

RRR - 2011

My Daddy-o starting his 1st leg.

The RED ROCK Crew they did a great job putting this race on.

The good thing about being the first two legs of the Relay is that you are done FIRST...Jess and I with our 2 stripes!!

RRR - 2011

My handsome man and I. We had so much fun this weekend.

Jess and I

My dad taking off down part of his course. He did awesome.

Jess with the Beautiful Country around him.

Our Amazing Team at the Finish Line. We took 28th out of all. We will definitely do this again NEXT year!!!

Party ALL night

Blowing out his candle on his cupcake.

My little pirate crawling around.

After the kids party and we all had dinner we decided to have an outside movie and watch TRON. So we invited the kids back over to popcorn, candy and a movie...Good Times!!!

He thought he was SO big...he was all ready for the movie.

Grandpa and the Boys.

Some of the kiddos.

Pirate Party

Big T with all his LOOT!!! What great friends he has. He got some pretty cool things.

All the pirates after they found the buried treasure. With the Awesome Treasure Map!!

The boys navigating the Treasure Map.

Some of the Pirates!!! Aargh!!!

All the boys watch Pirates Movie.

Preschool Graduation

A with his cute little class.

Performing their shapes song. He had the triangle.

We are so proud of you and love you so much. He is bummed that Preschool is over. He loved going and learning and socializing.


This is where I found the dog sleeping. Sean bought him a bed and a door for his dog house. Little AWDD has been so happy ever since. The first night we put the bed and door on he went in his house and didn't come out for the rest of the night. He loves his own space OUTSIDE in his kennel. And so do I.

Coach Pitch

He is playing catcher here.

Batter up!!

This is him playing left field...Yep that is him rolling on the ground not paying attention to the game. Goofy kid.

Here is T playing coach pitch. He has a lot of his buddies on his team so they have a lot of fun.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

AWDD & Big T

This is where AWDD sleeps. He loves sleeping under my laundry baskets in the Laundry Room. He is so sweet.

He is in stop motion throwing AWDD's duck. Such a goof.

New Member of the Family - AWDD

This is our new Puppy. It is A's dog. AWDD stands for - A W DeGrey's Dog

He can't get enough of his new puppy. He loves him so much.

His first bath.

This is A's bag o'toys. He is so cute that he stuffs this full of toys and carries it around. He is so cute.

Inside view of his little trinkets. Everything a boy the age of 4 needs for the day.

My Crazy Baby

He loves his little cousin. I watch Natalie's two kids once a week and he can't get enough of them. Especially her little baby girl. It is TOO cute.

He loves to swing. He laughs so hard the whole time. I love this little guy.

He thinks he is SO funny when I tell him,"No, No, dangerous!"