Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Final Hike Pic

We were hiking through the mud and it was so slippery that I was afraid that A was going to fall. So I held on to the back of his little hoddie. He was obviously preoccupied with eating the snow to notice anything. I didn't plan very well for their shoes. There feet were black and wet when we finished. We had a strip down for the boys back at the truck to get their muddy and wet clothes off them. They still had a ton of fun. We got home and I was doing some laundry and I threw the freshly dried clothes on the couch so I could fold them and when I walked back to the couch that is what I found. A was fast asleep on the warm, clean clothes. Silly boy.

More Saturday Hike

So we threw rocks at trees which I don't think I could of hit that tree if my life depended on it. I will blame it on the pregnancy. Who would of thought I played over 100 softball games this spring and summer!?! We got some really cute pictures and video of the boys. The video is really funny but my Internet is too slow down here to download it.
They were having snow fights. There is one of A throwing it at T and Sean got the picture right at release. Perfect!! I think every picture we have of A he is eating the snow. Amazing he isn't sick. We all had a Blast.

Saturday Hike

We decided to go for a hike with the boys since they were a little stir crazy. So we first visited Devil's Kitchen up behind Nebo. It was pretty. A was looking for dragons through his bino's. It was cute. The boys did really well on the hike considering we went through some snow and mud patches. The boys found stick guns and bombs along the trail and A ate ice cream(snow) which ended up being chocolate(mud) Ice Cream. Yuck!! Crazy boys. Got a cute picture of my handsome devils during our little snack break we had.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sleepy Boy

I went to re-tuck the boys into bed and this is how T decided to fall asleep. We went to Arctic Circle and got their happy meals and there were finger lights as the toys. I don't think T has been without his finger light since that lunch trip. So sweet and sleepy he is. And yes I do have him put PJ's on but he doesn't like to sleep in them.
We bought a bunk bed so the boys can share a room after the baby comes and T bed hops everynight. He switchs from the top bunk one night to the bottom the next. Sometimes he switches a couple times during the night. I go and check on the boys during the night with 50 potty breaks I take and it is always a search to find T. I guess he just is trying out his options. Funny Boy!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Birthday & Halloween

We had a busy weekend! Sean turned 32 and actually it was a really sad day. We had to put our dog down because he was sick. That was a really hard thing for us to do. But he isn't in pain anymore so that is good. So to try and make up for the crappy events of the day. I bought Sean an ICE CREAM CAKE and made him one of his favorite meals. So I got everything ready so he would have a nice warm meal when he got home....Because that is something that rarely happens. But 6 o'clock comes and goes then 7 o'clock comes and goes. Where in the world could Sean be?! So I call him and he is finally on his way home. He just had to pick up something. . . . What is that something?? It is a present for himself. A new HD, flat screen TV. I never can find anything to buy for Sean because he always pulls stunts like this one. So he got home and set up the TV, had a nice dinner and Ice Cream Cake and we watched a movie on his new TV. Life is good! I love you Sean!
Then the next day we had a Big Halloween Party with our families. Is was Mandatory for everyone to dress up. And everyone did! It was a lot of fun. They all were really good sports and did all the goofy activities that I had planned. We even had a little concert of Sean (Michael Jackson) DeGrey and Emil (Pumpkin, Burlap Sack head man) DeGrey..... Those boys can DANCE. . . . . Whoever knew the skills those two men possessed. It was very entertaining. I was too busy doing the party, so I didn't take very many pictures. Which I'm very sad about now. We finished up the party then we cleaned up a little then went to trunk or treat. The boys had a ton of fun there. It is right next door to our house at the church so they both got huge bags full and we were home 30 min. later. After we got home we sat around and watched a movie for a second and my little Batman fell fast asleep next to me. So we decided to call it a night. He was out before 7pm. It was a wild and crazy day.