Friday, August 19, 2011

1st day of School

Here is my GIANT 2nd grader. He is growing up way to fast. He loves school and loves his new teacher. He is such a smart boy and he tries to make everyone around him happy. He is such a sweetheart and I am so blessed to have him as a son.

AND don't forget about Mr. Muscle man. He is too funny. He has had a really hard time this week with having his Buddy/Brother go to school. He asks me about 100 times a day when school gets out. His school starts Sept. 6th and that just isn't soon enough for him.

Wrapping up the Summer

The boys swimming at the Nephi Pool.

Holy Smokes this little man LOVES the water. He didn't want to get out. The Nephi Pool has a Potty Break every hour so everyone has to get out of the pool and he wasn't too happy about that. But Luckily I brought treats so he munched on those until the whistle blew.

We cleaned out our garage and we were throwing this old chariseat away and before I could get it in the garbage can Awdd decided it was his chair. What a goofy dog.

Little man eating his first watermelon and he LOVED it.

Hiking in Bryce

Bryce Canyon is so Beautiful. I had fun Hiking around even though it was after running 13.1 miles just a couple hours before. I want to do this race every year. It was a lot of fun.

Grandpa with 3 of his biggest fans. It is nice that John comes and hangs out and supports us in all our endeavors. The kids love listening to all his stories in the car. They kept asking for more stories Grandpa, More Stories.

There were fun clouds that were passing by so quickly. It was like speed cloud watching. I think this one looks like a T-Rex.

The cute kids and I. They did really good hiking around. I was proud of them.

Swimming at Bryce Canyon KOA

1 Boy is a fish and the other hardly gets his hair wet. Can you tell the difference. After this trip I put both boys in private swim lessons for a month and it really helped them.
Caught in Mid Air Backward Jump. He is full of cool stunts. lol

Stop motion of him falling into the water.

Next step

Splash! He can't get enough of the water.

Bryce Half Marathon

I ran my first Half Marathon in a long time. It has been 11 years and 3 kids since my last and I went pretty well. I made my goal of doing it within 2 hours. I crossed the finish line @ 1:56. Now I am training for the St. George Marathon and hopefully I can reach my goal of crossing the finish line before 4 hours. Man just thinking of running for 4 hours makes me tired.The Pre-race photo. We stayed at a Hotel that had a pick-up Shuttle right across the street which was really nice. Because after I got on the bus I sat down, I noticed everyone fixing their numbers and racing chips and I noticed I FORGOT mine. So I had to run acorss the street and wake Sean back up to grab those IMPORTANT items. SILLY ME!!!

My boys and I at the finish line. Sean ran the last mile or so with me and boy was I spent.

4th of July - 2011

We went to Delta for the 4th of July. We saw the fly over(My favorite part), the boys caught a ton of candy at the Parade, Played on the blow up slides at the park, went swimming at the Res, had dinner with John and went to the demo derby and watched the Fireworks in Nephi. It was a great day. I love the 4th.

Hiking Grotto

Two Handsome Boys. I love this picture.

Hiking with the Family. My Mom & Dad came along with Jess, Natalie & her family. It was really nice.

All my CrAzIeS!!!!

Sean throwing A through the falls.

Hiking Grotto

The Baby didn't like the waterfall very much.

He was so excited to find all the shells along the trail.

Yep, this about sums up this guy. If he is going to do something, boy does he DO IT. lol And of course don't miss his Awesome Bull Riding shirt. He wears it like 4 times a week.

Up close on his feet. He had to wear his dinosaur flip flops. I think we went through a whole package of baby wipes to clean him up.

I married such a good man. Not only is he carrying the baby on his back but he is cleaning up "Pig Pin". I am one lucky woman!!!

San Rafael Swell Trip

We hiked to the arch and stood together for a photo op. It was fun. My boys are quite the little rock climbers. I can't wait to take them when they are a little older.

Such amazing scenery. We are SO lucky that we live in such a beautiful State and can such awesome sites. I can't wait to go again.

The boys posing in front of the Indian writing. They were pretty excited to see that.

I am so proud of these little studs. They are so cute.

San Rafael Swell Trip

The Boys kicking it in the shade in the RZR.

The Family.

The boys loved hiking around. They were so good and helped each other. It was fun watching them. They are growing up WAY to fast.

The group resting in the the shade. It was so Beautiful.

The boys all tuckered out. It is funny how they could sleep with all the bouncing around. Wouldn't be nice to sleep that sound again...youth. They did wonderful. This was an all day excursion and they didn't complain once. They are such good boys.

Cowboy & Cowgirl

We went to ride horses at my parents house and this is the outfit that Big T came out in. He is best kid. I love his personality. He is always up to something to make us laugh. Love ya Bud.

Here is Liv our Beautiful Cowgirl with her long blond hair. We loved having her stay with us this year.

He is trying to do gun tricks and spin the gun on his finger. LOL!!

Mona Res.

Here are the boys helping Cole skip rocks. They would find the rocks and Cole would throw the rocks.

Little man chomping on a graham cracker. He is too cute.

The older boys playing in the cold water.

Poor A and allergies.