Friday, July 30, 2010


Flying through the water. He has a great imagination.
Water fountain
Strike a Muscle Pose
AND another muscle pose.

My boys have some Karate Skills!!! Watch out water.

Playing at Payson Park

We played at the Payson Park yesterday and had SO much fun with the cousins. It was a beautiful Summer evening. I have a hard time getting a normal picture of A. If you can't tell.

Growin' Boys

Looks who is getting FAT!!

Ya!!! I LOVE chubby babies!!

Another Rain Storm

I love it when it rains period but especially in the SUMMER!! Splashing the in the puddles and dancing in the rain. I was weeding and Sean was picking Strawberries when the storm came on so I hurried over to help Sean finish. A helped too by eating them as God's rain was washing them off. Silly boy. Then we jumped on the tramp and rain and danced in the rain. The Baby was out in it too and he LOVED it. He was kicking and was so happy. I think he thought he was in the tub. I seriously have the best family!!


Nothing like playing in the rain. He is such a goon! Man I love him SO much!!!

Mona Days

My Hunk of a HULK!!

A monkey balloon on his shoulder.
I love the 24th of July!! Which is also Mona Days. We had a riot this year. I forgot my camera for the day activities. So no pictures. My family came and played with us and boy was it fun. We did jumping toys, rock climbing, face painting, balloon animals & swords, Mayor races and my boys won a $DOLLAR$. Which they were stoked about. Then we went home and ran through the sprinklers to cool down and had a rest. At 8pm we went back over to the park for a PIZZA picnic dinner, dancing, glow stick party with EXTREME Fireworks to end the Fabulous day. Mona has the Best firework show around. Love it!!! Good Times!?!

4th of July

We went to Delta again this year for the 4th. There was a Great Military fly over, LOADS of candy @ the Parade, Playing on the blow up toys at the Park, hanging out at Grandpa's, Watching cars crash at the Awesome Demo Derby and Fireworks with the Fam. I stayed home with the baby this year and watched Anne of Green Gables(which is ALWAYS fun) and tried to be a good daughter-in-law and clean John's house. In which, John I'm still sorry I broke your vacuum. I'm a HELPER!!!


We have been SO blessed this year in the Strawberry department. This summer I think that I have made like 6 batches of Strawberry jam this year. I have a little helper that tries to eat them as fast as I can put them in the bowl.

SUPER Slip n' Slide

Laughing SO hard. Cute boys!!

My mom invited us to go to her Ward Activity again this year. Man it was SO much fun!!! Good food, Good company and GOOD fun. The boys ran up that hill like 50 times to go down the slide, they were a little tuckered out by the time we left. Half the time A walked up the slide. Thanks mom and dad!


Sean Blessed our sweet angel boy on June 6th. I know I have slacked off big time. I have been busy...doing what?...A whole lotta nothing!?! Sean did a wonderful job and said so many wonderful things in the blessing. He is such a great dad. I love him and all my boys.

Silly Boy

Now where did he go????

His swimming pool. I know we are cheap.