Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Big T playing with his buddies. They were over at our house at 8:15 this morning. Ready to GO!

This is Sean's tire marks from him pulling out of our Blessed Garage this morning. Luckily we have a Truck.
We woke up to SO much Snow this morning! I went out and shoveled and it was to my knee. It was REALLY HEAVY!!....So I gave up. Hopefully one of my lovely neighbors with a plow or a tractor will come and visit my driveway. The boys have been lovin' this weather. I tried with all my might to keep my husband home today for a SNOW DAY, but it didn't work. He is a hard working man. We love you...bye.

Monday, December 20, 2010


I think that this is the very first Snowman that I have every made with my kiddo's. It was a lot of fun. This snow storm we had today was Perfect Packing snow. My boys had a blast creating our master piece. What a great way to start off their Winter Break. We haven't had the T.V. on at all today. It has been such a wonderful day. I sure hope the rest of their vacation will be this pleasant.


Aren't they SO PRETTY! Yum chocolate Covered Pretzels and Popcorn!!Little man was a Huge helper. It is always easier to do things with one hand. Lol! Don't mind the disaster of my kitchen.
We made treats for Party #3. For Kathy's Christmas Party. Sean was such a sweetheart and helped me for hours. You can tell by the Mr. Angry face he is pulling. They turned out really cute and YUMMY!

Hubba Hubba Grandpa's Party

My kids call my Grandpa Brereton, Hubba Hubba Grandpa. It is the funniest thing. So we went to Hubba Hubba Grandpa's Christmas Party on Monday. It was nice seeing the Brereton Clan again. There was really nice and REALLY good food. Santa came and my boys could hardly contain themselves. It was cute. Well up to the point Santa called Big T a girl. He was quick to correct him though. Crazy Santa!?! 1st Party down 5 to go.

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Boys

I can't believe how quickly time flies. My babies are growing so fast. This little guy is such a sweet heart. He loves to have fun and enjoys life. He can strike up a conversation with anyone and is a very happy, carefree boy. He is constantly playing and laughing. We love ya.
Look at my little Reindeer. Such a cute picture. This is the hat that he made in Preschool. I don't get many normal pictures of this child. This little man has quite the personality. He will be the protector of his brothers. He loves his mom, sean, Big Brother(Buddy) and especially his baby brother. He loves to work right along side of you. He is such a great helper. We love ya handsome man!

Cookie Maker

We made Chocolate Crinkle Cookies last night and this little guy LOVES to bake and cook. He is such a big helper. He especially enjoys licking the bowl and beaters at the end. Love ya dirty little boy!?!

Shooting on Saturday

3 Boys with their trophies!! What remained of the 3 Gingerbread Houses. We will have to make this a tradition.
A sitting on the safety blanket watching his dad make the "paint can dance!"
Big T shooting his .22. He is a "Nice Shot!" -LOL- What a good daddy helping him.
We went to Goshin Canyon and shot GUNS with the boys. It was a lot of fun. We shot at targets, our Gingerbread houses and Clay pigeons. We will definitely have to do that again real soon.

Boys Playing

He was laughing so hard when the ball would hit his face. He loves his Big Brothers. So Cute!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Our Tree is Huge. I had to send Sean to the store twice for supplies. After 3 days and a nervous breakdown(from my house being a disaster) we finally got all the decorating done. Here is a Picture of our Cute boys helping decorate then a picture of A passed out on the couch with his cute Reindeer Slippers(which he thinks are Chickens). I love my BOYS!!


We had another fun Christmas Tradition on Monday and made Gingerbread Houses with the Buck Family. It was fun. They are such a Great family. We love getting together with them. It is funny how into decorating the houses Sean gets. He does an amazing job and he is SO creative. The boys eat more candy this night than the whole year. They do a great job with their houses as well. Then they always end with toothpicks and they make scary FORTS. Thank you Bucks for another great year. We can't wait for next time.

Christmas Tree Adventure - 2

Truck rolled with My Dad, Mom and 3 little boys in the truck. Everyone was okay.
At least the tree stayed in the back of the truck. "Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, you cost me $5,000 dollars." What a Memory maker this trip was.

My cute little guy. Luckily he was with me in my truck on the way down the mountain.

My mom and dad with their tree. Cute picture.

He-man carrying their HUGE tree down the mountain. LOL! I love Christmas Trees.

Christmas Tree Adventure

Cute boys hanging out in the snow. We love our cousins.

He LOVES to eat the snow. He had to pee like 4 times while we were up there because of it.

We went up and cut down our Christmas Tree like we do every year. This year was quite an Adventure. My dad pulled into a parking spot and got stuck on a hidden rock right when we got there. That took 45 min. to get him out. After that Sean and Ian went clear up the mountain to pick the "Very Best Trees". Which they did! My mom and dad took the 4 other little boys while I SAT IN THE TRUCK with my little man and Grandpa John. Then one by one the boys got cold and came down to join us. So by the end we had 5 little boys in our truck. It was a little crazy. But we still had a blast. We ate snacks and play video games. The boys got back and we tagged the trees and got pictures and then headed down the cold, icy mountain.