Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Perfect Moments

I think that the new baby(Rex) is a HIT here at the home front. T is so drawn to him, as you can see in the pictures. Both boys are so protective of him. I love it. T loves to hold him, play his DS next to him and just plain old care for him. We call the baby Rex because we asked the boys what we should name him. Thinking that we were going to get some divine insight from those innocent ones that are closer to the veil. Their answer was "T-Rex!" So that nickname has stuck. I love the picture of all 3 boys in the Nursery with T reading to them as the other two sleep lazily in the sun. Moments like those melt my heart and feel me with SO much happiness.

Boys & Their Toys

The boys and I have anxiously been awaiting SPRING!! Well me more than them. I'm LAZY and TIRED and I want to NAP!! It has been amazing weather so I have sent the boys out to play. Sean walked by the window at the perfect time for this photo opt. T was driving with A standing up in the passengers seat. T stops the jeep and their goes A flying over the windshield and somersaulting over the hood to the ground. Gotta love them.

Helpin' Dad

So we are finally getting the Nursery ready. Since we had to wait to find out what the baby was in order to paint and such. So Sean has had a HUGE HELPER in this project. A was helping a little too much and got his paint brush taken away for a little bit and that is him sulking. LOL! Good Times.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby Preston

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 came and around 4a.m. I was awoken with some Labor Pains and Contractions. They never really stopped since Sunday. To say the least I was exhausted! But I didn't want to go back and just be sent right back home. Plus I felt bad that I was wasting everyone's time. So I just wanted to make good and sure that I was in Labor this time. So after I got the boys out of the house, to school and work, I went downstairs and walked on my treadmill for 2 miles. Thinking this will move the process along...Nope. So I showered, went to the grocery store, cleaned up the house and ran some errands. Meanwhile having discomfort and PAIN. So I get home and thought I will just lay down and rest for a bit and time these babies. They were 3 -5 min. apart and lasting still the 60 - 90 seconds. I have C-Sections so I thought well I do live 45 min. away from the hospital maybe I should probably just go in. So 3p.m. I pack up the boys and my things and go pick up my mom and we head to the hospital. As I was driving the contractions were 2 - 3 min. apart and increasing in PAIN. Yes, I was driving. I wanted to keep my mind off the pain. I think every contractions, the petal hit the metal. Never get behind the wheel intoxicated or in labor. Dangerous!!! I thought holy smokes maybe I waiting to long. So Tara picked the kids at the hospital and I go up admit myself at 4p.m. They check me I'm STILL dialated to a 2! I was so mad. They are like well your the same so if you don't change a little while you here then you aren't in Labor. I was thinking well I would hate to know what Labor pains felt like because I'm going to DIE or put my fist through the wall....It HURTS!! So I start walking around, doing jumping jacks, dancing, practically anything I can to dialate just one more centimeter. My parents were just sitting in my room watching and laughing at me. I was just getting more and more frustrated. So at 7p.m. they check me again .... No, change. I thought oh please just knock me out I can't handle this and the HECK if your sending me home. You can't make me leave. They call the doctor and he finally decideds that he will take the baby at 8p.m. Yeah!!! Victorious!
So we call Sean to come down to the hospital because he was working until the last minute. It is his busy time of the year. They wheel me in to the O.R. and I get up on the table and they give me Meds. Oh sweet relief. I was a bit more scared on this one but everything went well. It took a bit longer and there was one complication but other than that it went great. So they pull the baby out and the whole time I'm wondering what is it going to be. It has to be a girl, this has been such a harder and different pregnancy. But what do I hear the doctor say,"It's a boy!" I even said out loud it was suppose to be a girl. Our other two boys had to go right into the NICU for not breathing when they were born. But Preston came out just a screaming. Oh the tears overflowed. I was so happy to have a healthy little boy.
It is Perfect to have 3 boys. I'm a good boy mom. He is beautiful and such a good baby. He hardly ever cries and he is so alert and holds his head up. I'm so blessed and my heart it just overflowing.
After they pulled the baby out I said to the doctor my hands are itching, my eyes and ears are itching, my lips and tongue feel weird and then I was out. I awoke in my room with my arms being held down. My skin looked like I had a 2nd degree sunburn, I had hives all over my body. And I couldn't stop itching. My face felt like it was burning. I was going CRAZY! I was like what the heck is wrong with me. I guess I had a huge allergic reaction to the Morphine. So as you can see in the picture I was pretty swollen. The swelling continued into the night and the next day. Too bad I didn't get a picture. I was a sight. Things we go through for our babies!?! But all is well and I have a wonderful new little guy and I'm SO Happy! Preston looks exactly like A as a baby.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The day finally ARRIVED

So.... Although I am sure Monica feels the same way about the little Preston being born, I am going to give a little insight to my side. As many of you know this is our third and we don't find out what we are having, that is, until they pull the baby out. ha ha. Anyway, so we all had bets on what gender the baby would be, 2 votes for boy and billions for a girl. I say billions because Monica and her family tend to lean on the chinese calendar for their wisdom. Aren't their billions of chinese? This has been the hardest pregnancy yet, the baby was lower and her left pinky toe would tingle so it stands to reason that it would be a girl, oh and the chinese calendar said it would be. A our youngest, at the time, now the middle child, for those of you who can't do the math, has said since the beginning that it was a boy and since no one would hang with him on it I did what any good dad would do and stood behind him 100%. To his credit he never waivered even when they would try to manipulate his answer. He's only three you guys. He had made his decision and that was it and as it turns out, IT'S A BOY. Thanks for leading the charge buddy.
Can I just say that I was and still am so happy the day had finally arrived. When they pulled little Preston out of the womb and announced he was a boy Monica had a look of defeat and then He cried unlike any other and looks of defeat turned to gratitude and feeling overwhelmingly blessed. Up to this point, I was going mad. We had spent 4 hrs at the hospital on sunday and in my frustration I told the nurse to get the Dr. in here and gut her. Not like a deer but a C-section is something closely related to that operation, I have performed on many a patients.... My patients ended up in the freezer and eventually on the BBQ. That was a side note to help illustrate my use of the term "gut". How did I do?
Although I would love to have a daughter, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love this little guy. I often wonder how I could love another like the two I already have? There is no doubt he has an equal share... maybe a little more because he can't talk back to me or break anything he knows he shouldn't. Thank you everyone for helping out where we needed it and for taking the kids all the time, grandma MK grandma Happy and tara and everyone else.
Today is a great day for the DeGrey's. Thank you Monica for organizing, then reorganizing, then rereorganizing then disorganizing and reorganizing again. I Love you for all that you do for the Family even though I knew exactly where my things were before all the organizing and now I have no clue.

The Cowboys

Well Sunday March 28th I was contracting A TON! They really didn't hurt but I have never gone into labor before so I didn't know what to expect. So we got packed up and ready and dropped the kids off at my mom & dad's house and went to the hospital. We were at the hospital for 4 hours and my contractions were 5 - 7 min. apart and lasting 60 - 90 sec. and I was dialated to a 2 and 80% effaced. But I wasn't progressing so they sent me home. When we got to my parents our boys wanted to go see The Cowboys(my parents next door neighbors). So my Parents and the boys headed over there while Sean and I hang out. My mom called us 5 min. later and said we have to come over because we can't miss this. So we went over and boy am I happy I did. The boys were catching baby goats, catching and chasing chickens, turkeys and peacocks. It was so funny. A caught his first goat and it still had its umbilical cord hanging and he grabbed it and ripped it off. He did the same to the second baby goat as well. Luckily they were old enough that they were pretty much already off. My mom said, "You better watch him with your new baby." Oh could you imagine if he did that? But so far it hasn't happened yet. But we will get to that post next. Anywho the boys had a blast and we got some pretty funny video and pictures. So as soon as my Internet will let me I'll post those.

I LOVE to Ski!

Sean's dad, John decided to take all the grand kids up skiing on Saturday the 27th of March. Which was really nice for me, I could have a little break and rest with an empty house. It had just snowed the previous day so the slopes were perfect and Saturday was a beautiful sunny day. The boys loved it so much.
Sean, John and Ian headed up early that morning with all the kids. Sean was so cute with our boys; what a GREAT MAN I married. He is an awesome daddy. The boys did great for their 1st time out. There was a point during the day that A decided it wasn't time to ski anymore it was time to make Snow Angels. We have some really funny stuff on video but out Internet is just a bit poky down here so I can't post video. But the boys had a blast with their Dad, Grandpa, Ian and Cousins. 3 Men and 8 kids and everyone had a ball. Good job Men!