Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Little Man is 7 weeks

This Little guy is such an Angel. He hardly ever cries. He has been sleeping 7-8 hours a night for the last week and a half. I love it. He is starting to get fat rolls and that makes me SO Happy. I love CHUBBY Babies! And I LOVE, LOVE, Love this little boy!

Cute Neighbor Boys

My boys have been having tons of fun with all their Friends that live by us. They did sidewalk chalk the other day that turned into a Circus. I mean an actually Circus - they had their faces painted(with chalk of course) and they even did a little performance for me. It was funny. Then on one of the few sunny days that we have had I gathered a few of them up and we headed to Burranston's Pond to have an Adventure. We had a Great Time. I didn't even have to dive into the water, to save anyone. I had 6 boys ages 5 and under and they were SO Good. They listened so well. We will go back real soon. I love where I live. It is so Beautiful, Peaceful, slow paced, we have great neighbor's and a ton of little kids that live around us. Life is pretty great right now!!

Spring Outings

In April we went to St. George for the Ironman which was an amazing experience. All the energy from the people and athletes ALMOST make me want to do one....ALMOST!! I feel like that at every race I attend. I always want to get out there and compete with them. Anywho...like any trip to St. George we made a stop at the Red Rocks. The boys love it there. It is so much fun. It was a short trip but it was nice to get out of the cold of Mona for a bit.
Also the last picture Sean took the boys out scouting for Elk with his buddy. They went clear up in the mountains where the snow was still and of course got stuck. So the little boys hung out and rolled rocks down the mountain while the Big boys(Sean & Carson) played in the snow/mud to get the truck moving again. They never grow up do they?