Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bowling Birthday

We had a Big Party for A last Saturday at the Payson Bowling Alley. We all had a lot of fun. After we bowled for a bit we had Cake and Ice Cream. A wanted to pull all the candles out and lick the frosting off, as he was doing that I noticed him chewing something. He was not only getting the frosting off the Candles but also some of the wax. It was pretty funny. He is such a goofball. I can't believe that he is 3 already. Man they grow up fast. We love you bud!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Crazy Cowboy!!

He is so allergic to this horse and he loves it so much. He always wants to help Grandpa do his chores and then comes in the house a sneezing, allergy mess. So after we were done with the horse ride we had to strip him down, clean him up and medicate. Then he wanted to eat his lunch looking out the window watching Clyde running around being open and free. What a funny kid. He will be 3 in a week. I can't believe how fast it has gone by. He loves his family so much. Everyone is a possession to him. My Sean, My Mom, My brother. He runs like a mad man all day and then at 7:30 begs to be put to bed. If there is a shower going on anywhere in the house he will come running, leaving a trail of clothes behind him.
He has made mine and Sean's heart stop many of times. He is completely fearless and I estimate he has about 10,000 angels surrounding him and protecting him at all times. The angels get pretty beat up sometimes with the stunts that he pulls. He loves to help work, bake and cook. He is a tough little fighter with a soft sweet side. He can melt my heart in a second. We love you and have enjoyed the last 2 years. Can't wait to see what adventures year 3 will bring.

I'm a CowBoy!!!

We went over to Payson today and had a little family day with Jess, Kyli, Grandma and Grandpa. We went to the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks and the kids loved it. It was A first movie experience. He loved it. He is such his father's child. He could hardly contain himself when they would start singing. . . He had to start grooving! It was hilarious. By the time we got out of the movie he had worked up a sweat and had rosy cheeks. It was pretty funny. Then after the movie we went and got Ice Cream then back over to Grandpa's house. The boys love spending time with the Grandpa. He let the boys ride Clyde his horse. They had a blast; well A did a lot more than T. When we put the boys together for one turn T was holding the rope with A in front of him. He dropped the rope and spooked the horse a little and it jumped and off come the two boys. Grandpa was right there to grab them so they didn't even fall but that was still too much excitement for T. He was done after that and A wanted to jump right back on. Funny how my boys are such different little personalities. We made T get back on and ride before we all went back inside, since it was a frigid 35 degrees outside....brr. We ended the day with pizza and both the boys crashed in the car before I even got on the freeway. Thank you family for the great day. We love you.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Here are more pictures of the Cabin. The boys played with all the old toys up there that we used to play with when we were little. It was a good memory. Aren't all my boys so cute on the snowmobiles on bundled up? I'm lucky to have such handsome devils. Then last but not least the water was turned off for the winter up at the Cabin. So we had to use the good old outhouse. We got a nice picture of Jen preparing to make her trek out into the cold potty at night. Funny times.

Cabin for New Year's

We decided to head up to the Cabin for New Year's. Man it was a TON of fun. There was a couple feet of snow up there. So we had to hike in. Sean pulled the first load of our stuff in and made a fire to start warming up the cabin for us. What a amazing man I married; he pulled the kids and all our stuff into the cabin on a sled. My only job was to hike into the cabin safe and slow. I forgot how much I love the cabin. It was awesome. I wasn't a very good packer this trip. I forgot everything. Our buddies the Lee's came up the first night and stayed. They are probably the best packers in the UNIVERSE. They remembered most of what I forgot. We love them. They are alot of fun to be with and we had a great time with them. They were only able to stay one night though. Then the next night Ian and Wyndee and their kids came up for a couple nights. We don't get to hang out with them as much as we would like so it was nice of them to come up. All the big kids slept upstairs and they had a lot of fun together. I love that my kids love their cousins so much. I didn't do very good on the picture taking. We had a wonderful time playing games, had a little firework show, went sledding, ate good food, had nice snowy walks and just hanging out. The weekend ended to quickly, nobody wanted to leave. I can't wait for the next trip up there.