Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Time

The weather has been so crazy lately. The leaves are changing so fast. So we decided to go up and look at all the AMAZING colors. Before we left A had to help Papa with moving water. He is such a helper. And so STRONG! That was so Heavy!?!
The boys love the mountains! We got out of the car and decided to go for a walk for a bit and get some Good ol' fresh air. Well we started off on this dirt road and my mom, A & I crossed the cattle guard. Then T started running towards us as fast as a super hero. He has never crossed a Cattle Guard before and he was going to have a rude awakening if he didn't slow down. We all were trying to get him to stop and at the last minute he stops and took only one step on the Guard. His little foot fits perfectly through the hole. Man if he was still running there would of definitely been an injury there. T was like what is this crazy thing. Why would someone make a bridge with holes in them that people could just fall through and lose their shoes. It was pretty funny. Probably something you needed to be there for. But a good memory anywho.
The boys found hunting/walking sticks. They had great adventures and A wanted to bring home every rock he found. We found some acorns/worm nuts(that is what T calls them). Papa opened one up and a worm fell out of it thus the name Worm nut. They both loved the leaves and the awesome colors. We are so Blessed to live so close to the mountains and that we can experience all the seasons of the year. Fall is my favorite. It is crazy that just a few moments in the mountains can recharge you so much. Thank you!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Watch out Bad Guys

So I was working around my house a couple days ago, with peace and quiet and walk into my laundry room and look out the window and what I see? No, it wasn't popcorn popping on the apricot tree. It was a Super "T". He is fighting bad guys with a sword down the side of his Scooby-Doo underwear and a PVP pipe(another sword) down his shirt. A grappling hook(tie down) to make a trap/net to catch the bad guys and a bunch of colorful little balls(bombs) that A was throwing at the evil villains. Oh and don't forget a little bum cheek sticking out. LOL! Is all I can say. The pictures aren't super clear because I took them through my window because I didn't want to disturb the adventure. Man these two boys have so many fun adventures. What great imaginations they have. I LOVE THEM!

Control them or Bribe them?

So I struggle with taking my two crazy boys shopping with me. Last time I went I swore I would never take them out in public again. It was so embarrassing. The last outing we went to the grocery store A was climbing all over the car cart almost falling to his death numerous times. He was dragging on the ground, yelling and fighting with his brother. When I Finally got to the register and thought I made it to the home stretch he escaped and climbed on the returned carts and was running on them. Then he decided to climb on the $25 toy vending machine. The store manager was like,"Oh! I hope he doesn't fall." I felt like walking out of the store looking at him like everyone else and saying,"Whose hellion is that?" .....oh....But it was MINE so I hurried and finished ringing up and grabbed my daredevil and went on my way and made a vow to never return with them again. But as time went on and we ran out of milk, bread, eggs and heaven forbid CEREAL. I had to go again and Sean was out of town so I took them again. But this time I had a plan. We got into the store and the first thing we went to is the bakery and we picked out our bribe-cookies and I told them they couldn't have them until we were done shopping. Oh I think the Heavens opened and replaced my two children with angels. What a pleasant experience! I am sold. Peace has returned to the DeGrey Home.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Um. . . . .Apples

While Sean and T were up hunting I took A over to my mom & dad's house. We went and picked apples. It was a lot of fun. Oh the apples are so good. We got a ton of them. We have been enjoying them greatly.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spanish Fork Kite Festival

On Friday night we went to the Kite Festival. It was awesome! The boys loved it. They had a little station where you could make your own kite. Those kites actually worked pretty good. Both the boys were able to fly their own. They were so proud of themselves. The boys were playing in the sand and we wanted to go up to another section before it got too dark. So I gather up the boys and get them dressed and walk out of the sand part of the reservoir and started walking on the cement part. So I had the boys walk down the cement to dip their feet off and clean the sand off so they could put shoes on. So I helped A and got his shoes on and T went to do it by himself. But he went in too deep. I told him to stop because their was moss and he was going to slip but of course he didn't listen and Slipping He Did. He was in the water and laughing but scared so I tried to lean in and grab him but he was to far away. So I stepped a little further into the water and step right onto the moss and there I go into the water. I flew into water fully clothed right past T, slipping on the moss the whole way. So I swim back to T and try to get him out and we both just kept slipping on moss and laughing. So I had to end up throwing him as hard I could and told him to swim so he could land by the cement and so Jess could catch him. After T was safe and sound I just swam over and Jess helped me out. We were both dripping wet in our clothes. We were entrainment for all the people sitting around the reservoir and my family. So when your cold and sopping wet what better of a treat to get than a Hawaiian snow cone with ice cream in the bottom. bbrrrrrrr! We ate that and played on a few more activities then I had to run to the Spanish Fork all night softball tournament and the kids stayed with my mom, Natalie and Jess. They had a night flight for the kites over the reservoir. The Kites had colorful lights all over them. The kids loved it. We will definitely go next year. We had a great time.